Car Accident of Doom

I have a history of previous back injury. I was in a car accident pre-teen that left me with severe whiplash. I had healed from that and seldom had any problems at all when I was in another car accident a little over a month ago. I am now 27 years old and had been mostly pain free for years. This recent accident was a doozie though.

Me and my husband were traveling approximately 60-65 mph on a busy interstate early in the morning. A semi truck merged into the back tire of our Nissan. He then hit the brakes and we spun out of control and went in front of his truck. He hit us again and pushed us a ways down the road. We eventually came to rest across two lanes of traffic. We were very lucky not to get hit again by someone else. I didn't feel pain at first, but it was less than an hour before it started, and by the next day was unbearable.

I have eventually ended up in physical therapy for it, but I'm about to lose my job because I have to be able to lift a minimum of 35 lbs to work there, and I no longer can. I am getting ready to start my second week of PT, but the first has not left me optimistic. After Llight exercise on Monday my back froze up so badly Tuesday morning that I had to make an emergency appointment back with my therapist. I could hardly walk. I have been in child labor and have had kidney stones. This was very close to if not as bad as those times.

Wednesday I went back, did very light exercise and had shock therapy and heat therapy, and the pain has since calmed, but is never completely gone. I find myself very much succumbing to the emotional side of back pain. My fear that this will never get better and that I will lose my job is horrible. I am in college and this has severely affected my grades as well. I am close to having to drop all of my classes, 14 credit hours (12 is full time), for medical reasons. I am becoming more and more depressed, which I am prone to anyway, and fear for my future, and that of my family. I have a son who is five.

Any advice anyone could give me is appreciated. I am pursuing legal action against the driver of the truck, but that could take months, and doesn't fix my back. At this point all the money in the world wouldn't make it better. Money can't fix pain like what I've felt. Sincerely, Lisa

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