Cervical Spine Pain

This is my story, where I got into a small car accident that changed my life forever. I was in a car accident in Nov. 2005 and I was told that I had whiplash and started physio. I didn't think that I would be in severe pain for over 4 years. I have seen different specialists at different pain clinics. Most of them just did nerve blocks which I have had no relief from.

The x-rays and MRI showed that I had restricted movement and a bulging disk. One doctor did a test to see if I had problems with my facet joints. I had to go through a several appointments where they blocked/froze the nerves that supply the facet joints, which showed that I had a problem with the facet joints. So, I had a surgery called Radio Frequency Rhizolysis which burned the nerves to the facet joint. It didn't work. I have been lost since then.

I was taking a bunch of medication to try to deal with the pain. Kadian to be exact. I was able to survive my day with that and started to go back to school to try to start my life over (after not working for 3 years). Unfortunately I was taken off the narcotics because some study showed that it was not helpful. I have not been responding to Lyrica and am on a high dose of Cesamet. I also am taking Cymbalta, and Norflex.

My recent test has now shown that I have a straightening of my C-sp and L-sp and also there is some narrowing of C 3-4 where the nerve comes out and also have a lump around C5-6 that has been there for about 3 years. I am hoping that someone else has had this or similar problems that have had some relief from chronic neck pain. - Shelley

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