Check Your Hips

Today I am almost sixty, and for the last ten years I have lived with constant pain in my lower back. It started out only on days when I did a great deal of physical exercise, and over the years became my constant companion.

Standing was impossible and I could barely walk from the couch to the kitchen. I could barely get dressed and was completely unable to put on my own shoes or socks. I never slept more than twenty minutes at a time. I could barely walk even with a walker.

I started going for massages just to help break the constant pain, and it was the massage therapist who commented on the feel of my hips. Although I had had countless MRIs and Xrays, no one had ever looked at my hips.

I made an appointment with my doctor and Xrays showed that my hips were horrible... bone spur on bone spur.

I was lucky enough to know a doctor who specializes in hips, knees and shoulders, and he was shocked that I could even move with my hips as bad as they were.

Last September I had my right hip replaced and in February the left.

I feel like I have been reborn! In May I hiked La Cinque Terre in Italy and I have spent some fun evenings this summer dancing at friends' weddings. I feel twenty years younger!

I am hoping that perhaps my experience will help someone else with their pain.

- Marlene

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