Chronic Pain After 4 Operations

My name is Hans I was a mobile crane operator for 20 years.  I already had some back pain in 1997 and went several times a week to a myofascial therapist.  In 1998, it got worse and my doctor sent me to the hospital where they found a herniation at L4-L5.

I was happy because I thought I could have an operation and my back pain would be gone. The surgery helped a little bit, but 6 months later they had to operate on me again on L4-L5 and that was in May 1999.

After the second surgery, I still had pain and was not able to work anymore. That hurt me a lot, because I loved my job.

In 2001, they send me to an special orthopedic clinic were they did a spondylodesis operation and connected L2-L3-L4. After a few months, I felt better, but I still felt some pain.

I used gabapentin, morphine, amitriptyline and diazepam and in 2006
I had a crack in my lower back and went back to that clinic and they did another spondylodesis operation at L4-L5.  Before they removed the intervertebral disc and put a cage between L4-L5, they removed the 6 screws and the 2 bars from L2-L3-L4 which they had placed in 2006.   It took 2 months before the pain subsided, but still I was not pain-free.

I am still in much pain again. In 1996, I divorced my first wife. Can
that have some influence on my condition? I married again in 1998 with a very nice wife and I have a 16 year old son and he is also very nice. I thank God a lot because I am not alone because I am 58 years old and hope that my pain will end. I thank you and may God bless you.

- Greetings from Hans

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