Coccyx Pain and Swimming

I fell from a step stool, hitting my wrist and tailbone, more than 18 months ago. Although the fracture in the wrist was fixed with a metal plate and screws, I decided to wait and see if the tailbone would resolve on its own--it did not.

Well, here I am, unable to endure sitting or long car rides. However, I accidentally found relief. You see, I swim a lot, mainly front crawl. This past spring, I decided to improve my breaststroke. The very first session, I noticed my tailbone felt different, and the second session I noticed while I was kicking that the tailbone position seemed to be normalizing.

Ever since, I have been pain free, so long as I can swim at least 100 yds breaststroke per day. That is in addition to the 1.5 miles i try to swim daily. I cannot swim every day. One skipped day is fine but two skipped days brings me back to discomfort.

I would like to encourage everyone who can swim, and who suffers tailbone pain, to try this. Be gentle at first, of course.

This was a purely accidental discovery and I just hope others can find relief the same way. - Brenda

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