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Pseudosciatica mimics true sciatica in every way except causation. True sciatica comes from a lumbar spinal source, while pseudo versions have other origins. There are many different causes of pseudo versions of sciatica, so diagnosing the source can be challenging.

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Lower Back Pain Exercises

Lower back pain exercises consist of popular physical therapy practices which are used to treat lumbar symptoms conservatively. Learn about exercise therapy for low back ache, including professional PT and self-managed exercise programs that can be performed at home.

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Back Injury from Headbanging

Back injury from headbanging can occur in virtually any location of the spine. Learn why headbangers often suffer from back or neck pain later in life. Are you causing yourself undue injury by banging your head? Are there safer alternatives that you might try? Get the facts.

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Back Pain Episode

Suffering a single severe back pain episode is a nightmare. However, chronic and recurrent episodes of back pain define true torment for millions of patients who have lost their hope for a cure. What causes the unpredictable torture of episodic back pain anyway?

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Coping with Back Pain

Coping with back pain is all many patients can hope to achieve, since true cures are rare for most chronic symptomatic back and neck concerns. Learn about the best ways to cope with pain and how you might be able to stop coping and start curing your pain today.

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Back Pain Clinical Studies

Back pain clinical studies can provide access to new therapies for patients with unresponsive pain. However, there are also risks to consider when joining any clinical research study. Learn about opportunities for free chronic pain treatment using clinical studies.

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Painful Back

Having a painful back often leads to physical disability and psychoemotional downward spiral. Why is a painful back so terrible to endure? More importantly, how can back pain be cured without potentially making the problem worse with drugs or unneeded surgery?

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Back Pain Home Remedies

Back pain home remedies are easy methods of treating symptomatic conditions at home. Some home remedies are effective, while many others are a waste of time. A few remedies are even very dangerous. Learn about home back pain treatment and how to do it right.

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Unexplained Back Pain

Unexplained back pain tortures patients, but defies successful diagnosis of the causative issue creating the pain. Learn why so many cases of back pain should be classified as unexplained, but are instead mistakenly blamed on some incidental and incorrect abnormality.

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What is Back Pain

What is back pain? This is a question which can not be answered unless you have first-hand experience of the suffering. Doctors seem to be unable to provide any answers as to the collateral cost of back pain, but we can tell you the whole story without censorship.

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Back Pain Forum

A back pain forum provides a place for discussion of the real experience of being a patient. Learn about the problems and solutions which are typically associated with online chronic pain forums. Are chronic pain forums helpful or harmful to recovery efforts?

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Back Pain Trigger Points

Back pain trigger points are sensitive anatomical locations which may be used for diagnostic and treatment purposes in complementary medicine. Learn about the relevance of trigger points in chronic back pain conditions and get help for your suffering.

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Back Pain Tips

Back pain tips can help any patient to find relief, improve their chances for recovery and even enjoy a true cure. Get some top tips from back pain experts and use this knowledge to improve the way you feel and function, despite your back pain problems.

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Back Pain Articles

The Cure Back Pain Network is the one place where you can find thousands of objective and free back pain articles on every possible topic related to the spine, written by world-renown experts in back pain diagnosis and treatment. Let us help you to learn all about back pain.

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Spinal Syrinx

A spinal syrinx is a fluid filled cavity in the actual spinal cord. Learn all about the frightening diagnosis of syringomyelia, including its causes, diagnostic process, possible treatments and the reason why so many surgeons warn against surgical care for a syrinx.

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Working with Back Pain

Working with back pain can make any job much harder. Learn about the ordeal of having to hold a job with chronic back problems and what you can do to make things easier. If you need to work, but have back pain, then we provide the help you need to persevere.

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Causes of Back Pain

Understand the many potential causes of back pain in order to increase your chances of finding a cure. Back pain can be caused by all the traditionally blamed issues, such as spinal and muscular concerns, but can also result from disease, systemic process and even stress.

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Back Pain Suffering

Back pain suffering is certainly the most painful torture a person could ever experience in their lifetime. Back pain truly defines suffering and is so difficult to cure. Learn how to end your suffering by resolving your back pain using constructive interventions today.

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Back Pain Anxiety

Back pain anxiety is a common symptom which holds psychological power over the majority of chronic pain sufferers. Learn how to end your anxiety over back pain and use this ability to actually move you much closer to a real and lasting cure.

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Back Pain Insomnia

Back pain insomnia prevents restful sleep for chronic pain sufferers worldwide. Learn why so many back pain patients also deal with insomnia and how the conditions are mutually aggrandizing and might even be the direct source of one another in some patients.

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