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Back Pain After Massage

Experiencing back pain after a massage is a rather common occurrence. Although massage should be relaxing, some people suffer bad reactions. This occurrence can turn people off to the idea of getting future massages, which is a shame.

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Dr. Brent Wells

Dr. Brent Wells is a licensed and certified chiropractor who is passionate about providing his patients with compassionate care for an overall better health and well-being. He lends his voice as a volunteer on The Cure Back pain Network Editorial Board.

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Cure for Lower Back Pain

Have you been searching for a cure for lower back pain without success? Finding a real cure seems like an impossible goal for most patients with chronic symptoms. However, cures do exist. In fact, almost every single person with chronic lower back pain can be cured.

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Foot Cramps

Foot cramps are a very common symptom of many back pain problems and are also a typical consequence of aging, obesity, diabetes and many other health issues. What causes these terrible cramps and how can they be stopped?

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Mobile Phone Back Pain

Mobile phone back pain, also commonly known as text neck, has become a serious problem for millions of people worldwide and is one of the fastest growing diagnoses in the dorsalgia industry. Learn how to cure back pain caused by hours spent using your mobile phone.

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Back Pain in Tall People

Back pain in tall people is more prevalent than in shorter people. There is a direct correlation between a person’s height and their chances of being affected by back pain. The severity of pain tends to be worse in people who are tall, compared to people who are shorter.

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Arch Supports for Back Pain

Arch supports for back pain provide a simple solution for people who suffer from flat feet back pain. Arch supports are also used by patients with ankle, knee and hip pain, since they have been convinced that the root cause of their suffering resides at ground level.

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Forward Head Posture Relief

Do you need forward head posture relief? You are certainly not alone. Forward head posture is now an epidemic problem due to the societal obsession with handheld electronic devices and widespread growth of computer usage.

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Middle Back Pain Symptoms

Middle back pain symptoms are not the most common type of dorsopathy syndromes, but for patients who suffer from them, life can be a real trial. Middle back pain symptoms can be agonizing and debilitating, often limiting the full use of the arms.

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High Shoulders

Do you always have high shoulders? Do your shoulders and trapezius muscles feel tight and do you often get neck pain, stiffness and tension headaches? Carrying the shoulders high is a sign of internalized tension and an obvious psychogenic expression between mind and body.

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Back Pain FAQ

Our back pain FAQ section answers many of the questions that we receive. Readers tend to ask similar inquiries, so we provide immediate help in the form of expert answers for their most often asked questions. Please use our FAQ section to help cure your back pain.

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Pseudosciatica mimics true sciatica in every way except causation. True sciatica comes from a lumbar spinal source, while pseudo versions have other origins. There are many different causes of pseudo versions of sciatica, so diagnosing the source can be challenging.

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Lower Back Pain Exercises

Lower back pain exercises consist of popular physical therapy practices which are used to treat lumbar symptoms conservatively. Learn about exercise therapy for low back ache, including professional PT and self-managed exercise programs that can be performed at home.

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Back Injury from Headbanging

Back injury from headbanging can occur in virtually any location of the spine. Learn why headbangers often suffer from back or neck pain later in life. Are you causing yourself undue injury by banging your head? Are there safer alternatives that you might try? Get the facts.

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Back Pain Episode

Suffering a single severe back pain episode is a nightmare. However, chronic and recurrent episodes of back pain define true torment for millions of patients who have lost their hope for a cure. What causes the unpredictable torture of episodic back pain anyway?

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Coping with Back Pain

Coping with back pain is all many patients can hope to achieve, since true cures are rare for most chronic symptomatic back and neck concerns. Learn about the best ways to cope with pain and how you might be able to stop coping and start curing your pain today.

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Back Pain Clinical Studies

Back pain clinical studies can provide access to new therapies for patients with unresponsive pain. However, there are also risks to consider when joining any clinical research study. Learn about opportunities for free chronic pain treatment using clinical studies.

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Painful Back

Having a painful back often leads to physical disability and psychoemotional downward spiral. Why is a painful back so terrible to endure? More importantly, how can back pain be cured without potentially making the problem worse with drugs or unneeded surgery?

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Back Pain Home Remedies

Back pain home remedies are easy methods of treating symptomatic conditions at home. Some home remedies are effective, while many others are a waste of time. A few remedies are even very dangerous. Learn about home back pain treatment and how to do it right.

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Unexplained Back Pain

Unexplained back pain tortures patients, but defies successful diagnosis of the causative issue creating the pain. Learn why so many cases of back pain should be classified as unexplained, but are instead mistakenly blamed on some incidental and incorrect abnormality.

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