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Spinal Decompression Risks

There are numerous spinal decompression risks from surgical approaches and fewer for modern, nonsurgical traction systems.

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Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis

Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis describes a widespread condition of unknown cause that causes excessive, abnormal bone growth in the human skeleton.

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Craniosacral Therapy for Back Pain

Craniosacral therapy for back pain (CST) is a controversial manual therapy that is theorized to remove blockages from the circulation of cerebral spinal fluid.

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Back Pain from Wearing High Heels

Is back pain from wearing high heels an urban legend or a real occurrence? Do high heels actually contribute to back pain and how can pain be avoided?

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Military Neck and Straight Spine

Military Neck and Straight Spine story sent in by Cat details years of pain without much relief, despite treatment.

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Coronavirus Back Pain

Coronavirus back pain has become a major problem simply due to the collateral consequences of this pandemic on society.

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Lower Back Muscle Spasm Quick Fix

Lower Back Muscle Spasm Quick Fix story sent in by Simon, uses completely natural methods to relieve pain and spasms.

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Neck Pain from a Herniated Disc

Neck pain from a herniated disc can be caused by nerve compression, central spinal stenosis or chemical irritation of neurological tissues.

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Hemivertebra is a wedge shaped or partial spinal bone that is often implicated in causing pain, as well as neurological consequences.

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Neck and Shoulder Pain

Neck and shoulder pain is a common combination of symptoms that reduces functionality and causes uncomfortable movement of the head and arms.

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Middle Back Injury

Middle back injury is the least often seen type of spinal trauma, but can occur under particular circumstances and lead to serious pain.

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Herniated Discs Do Not Cause Back Pain

Virtually all herniated discs do not cause back pain, even when they are indeed pathological and symptomatic.

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Naturopathy for Back Pain

Naturopathy for back pain provides various types of care that are natural and designed to create general health, as well as specific benefits for pain.

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Sacroiliac Joint Injury

Sacroiliac joint injury can occur due to trauma, disease, surgery or even the effects of degeneration. Injury to the SIJ can cause pain and disability.

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Alternative Treatments for Chronic Pain

Alternative treatments for chronic pain can be more effective and safer than the traditional medical approaches to care.

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Back Pain and Hemorrhoids

Back pain and hemorrhoids can be related in causation and are often found together. Learn about the relationship between back pain and piles.

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Back Pain News

Looking for the latest back pain news? We can help you to stay informed about all the latest research, products and treatments in the back pain industry.

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Spinal Cord Compression

Spinal cord compression describes structural impingement on one of the most important and sensitive structures in the central nervous system.

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Numb Arm

A numb arm can occur due to a pinched nerve or other spinal pathology, such as central canal stenosis. Learn about many causes of numbness in the arms.

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Aspirin for Back Pain

Aspirin for back pain is a very traditional pharmacological therapy which was used for many years, but has since given way to more popular and powerful drugs.

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