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Back Pain News

Looking for the latest back pain news? We can help you to stay informed about all the latest research, products and treatments in the back pain industry.

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Spinal Cord Compression

Spinal cord compression describes structural impingement on one of the most important and sensitive structures in the central nervous system.

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Numb Arm

A numb arm can occur due to a pinched nerve or other spinal pathology, such as central canal stenosis. Learn about many causes of numbness in the arms.

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Aspirin for Back Pain

Aspirin for back pain is a very traditional pharmacological therapy which was used for many years, but has since given way to more popular and powerful drugs.

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Lateral Recess Stenosis

Lateral recess stenosis, also called subarticular stenosis, is a common condition that can compress a single nerve root usually in the neck or lower back.

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Recovering from Lower Back Pain

Recovering from lower back pain may seem like an impossible objective for so many patients to achieve. Many patients get worse with time and treatment.

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Back Pain Guide

Use our back pain guide to give yourself peace of mind while working to get relief. Learning some basic facts about back pain will help you to feel better.

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Apitherapy for Back Pain

Apitherapy for back pain is a therapy that uses organic substances from bees to treat chronic symptoms. Apitherapy has a long history in the medical record.

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Back Pain Caused by Surgery

Back pain caused by surgery is a common consequence of invasive dorsalgia care and can even occur from many unrelated surgeries that do not involve the spine.

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Does Nonsurgical Spinal Decompression Work

Does nonsurgical spinal decompression work? This is an important question to answer before investing the considerable money needed to undergo treatment.

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Back Pain from Morton's Foot

Back pain from Morton's foot is a possible explanation for symptoms related to over-pronation and its effects on the spinal and postural muscle anatomy.

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Desk Job Back Pain

Desk job back pain is a growing problem in the modern workplace, since more and more workers must sit for long periods of time each day.

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Lumbar Facet Syndrome

Lumbar facet syndrome is the most common type of spinal joint pain in location and expression. Lumbar vertebrae virtually universally experience degeneration.

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Radiculitis describes pain that originates in the spinal nerve roots and affects particular parts of the body based on innervation patterns.

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Psychophysiology is the study of the physical, anatomical reactions that are caused by the psychoemotional processes.

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Disc Surgery is Not for Back Pain

Disc surgery is not for back pain, but is far more effective for limb pain. Ironically, back pain is the number one reason why people undergo disc surgery.

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Cervicogenic Headache

Cervicogenic headache causes chronic symptoms in the upper neck, occipital region of the head, the ears, the jaw, the teeth, the eyes and the face.

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Back Pain in Certain Positions

Back pain in certain positions is a common patient complaint, citing exacerbated symptoms when the body is standing, sitting or reclining. Positional back pain is the general rule, with most patients demonstrating heightened pain in particular anatomical postures.

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Neurological Consequences of Back Pain

The neurological consequences of back pain can range from minor to debilitating. Learn about how back pain issues can influence nerve function throughout the body, including motor, sensory and autonomic tissues.

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Neck Pain Causes

There are many possible neck pain causes, both structural and non-anatomically induced. The vast majority of neck pain syndromes are blamed on some abnormality in the cervical spinal anatomy, although these theories often turn out to be unenlightened and incorrect.

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