Cured Lower Back Pain

I had low back pain whenever I did any exercise whatsoever. Even activities which took a sort of lower back strength, like building a sand castle, would cause me to be in tremendous pain for the days to come.

I had tried chiropractic and physiotherapy to relax and strengthen my back, but these therapies had limited to no effects. Most of the time they would cause the pain to be worse the next day.

That is until I found Myopostural therapy. They re-balance the entire body, so that there are no more compensations which then lead to pain. I felt better right after the first treatment and continued to improve until I had no pain at all (5 treatments). I am now doing all the sports that gave me so much pain, like yoga, scuba diving, and rock climbing.

I have a much happier outlook on life now that I am pain free.

Sincerely, Charles

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