Desperate for a Cure

I have been suffering from, chronic back pain for many years now. My main pain is in the sciatic nerve traveling down the right side of my leg, including the groin. Lately after i walk a bit my toes get numb as well.

I have tried everything from physiotherapy, acupuncture, injections under sedation, trigger point therapy and continuous chiropractic care twice a week. I have also tried Dr. Sarno with his books and tape. I have followed all the instructions, made lists of "inner rage". I try to keep as active as possible. Some say ignore the pain and just keep going, others say when it hurts rest. I use heat and massage. I use sprays and ointments but my pain sometimes is so acute I just sit down and cry.

I have an indoor pool and swim almost every day. I do not take any medications because my chiropractor says, as you do, that the body should heal itself and if you take medication then the brain does not know how to do so.

I have just been told about a treatment in Lugano, Switzerland in in Germany where oxygen and something else is injected into the back. I will find out more, but I am seriously considering taking the trip. I am truly desperate for help because I do not want to continue this way. I have a family of children and grandchildren and I am still a very young 64 year old with so much to do and I am tired of complaining and ruining our time together. - Sora

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