Fading Away from Back Pain

I am 24 years old. In December of 2002, I had my son. Since having my son I had always had random back spasms or sharp lower back pains that just slightly interfered with my activities. This was as frequent as maybe ten times per year and it never really interfered for than a few seconds. In 2008 I was certified as a nursing assistant, and I worked at a long-term care facility. I injured myself in November of 2008, at work but failed to report it to workmans comp due to the fact that I assumed it was a built up injury due to the stress on my back. I went to my family doctor and insisted that I thought it was either a herniated or bulging disc, my doctor discounted my assumptions and sent me to therapy where they claimed it was a muscle and nerve issue in my hips,w here a bone was being separated from hips.

Anyway to make a long story short, it was sciatica due to bulging discs I assume. At that time no tests or x-rays had been done. Because I could not work at the time and my employer knew what was going on, I decided to file unemployment to have a little bit of income and got screwed over by my job, they made a statement saying that I had quit and my job had been filled which was far from the truth and I lost large portion of my unemployment. In March of 2009 I moved to Arizona, in April I went to a doctor and got a second opinion. I got an MRI and X-rays. Sure enough it was a bulging disc my L-4 and L-5 and a couple of others not as severe were being squeezed. I was scheduled with a pain management specialist after trying therapy again with no success. I received an epidural treatment which lasted for six months, before I could schedule another with that doctor my insurance got switched around and by the time it was fixed it was too late. I was moving so I had to wait.

For the next five months I dealt with the pain and was able to manage it. In June of this year I got married after being with my husband for 6 years. Once we settled in Colorado Springs, I was able to see a new doctor, but unfortunately none of the epidurals have made any relief, and now as I write this very story I am laying on the floor almost paralyzed by the pain. I can not move without the pain shooting through my body. I can not turn my leg or onto my sides without extreme pain. It does not hurt my knees to bend them but my hips have a pain waiting to shoot out at the wrong move.

The effects of sciatica are all in my left leg but right now moving my right can trigger the pain in my hips and back. I can not stand or walk. The pressure of getting up hurts extremely. I can not care for my son, in fact he has been trying to do things for me out of concern. My husband is deployed, but the effects weigh on him as well. I am terrified. I am an in the worse pain I have ever experienced. This pain is stealing my life as I speak. I take breaths between my words in the attempt to settle my pain. - Alicia

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