Failed Coccyx Surgery

Hi, my name is Cynthea and I have suffered from back pain for almost 20 years now. I hurt myself skiing when I was 20 and began to experience back pain and sciatica near my coccyx. I have endured so many treatments over the years and finally had surgery. Unfortunately, I am still in pain.

Originally, I tried physical therapy and hot compresses on my tailbone, since x-rays of the area did not show any fracture. I was diagnosed with a bruised coccyx. Exercise seemed to make the pain worse and I began to see a chiropractor. Treatments were very painful, but the doctor came highly recommended by my orthopedic surgeon, so I stuck it out. Over the course of 2 years, I put up with endless prodding and poking from this doctor until I could not take any more. My pain grew worse and adjustments became torture to endure. I finally gave up and broke free of this chiropractor.

After this experience I tried a variety of home remedies, including changing my diet and doing yoga. While I felt healthier, my pain continued and I simply grew used to dealing with it. Almost ten years went by without doing much more than keeping a stiff upper lip when the symptoms came on strong. Then when I was 32, I had a severe attack of pain right after the birth of my daughter. I was unable to do anything at all. I could not work or take care of my baby. This episode lasted for months and left me permanently disabled. Since this time, I have been back at various doctors and therapists weekly.

Well, after shots in my back, electrotherapy and many other methods, I still had the pain. I agreed to a coccyx removal procedure last year and suffered greatly with the operation. This occurred 13 months ago. After surgery, I immediately noticed that my pain was still there, but it was blamed on the surgical procedure. I felt that pain also, but there was no change in my usual symptoms. My surgeon got tired of me complaining over the next 3 months and eventually stopped returning my calls. My GP offered lots of drugs and did not seem to care much about my condition after the failed surgery. All along, every doctor blamed my coccyx for the pain, but after they removed it, they simply had no answer why I was still suffering.

I am at a loss at this point and just wanted to tell my story. I hope this does not happen to any of you, but I fear it already has after reading many of the sad patient stories on this site.

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