Frustrating Chronic Pain Symptoms

In the year 2000, I developed pseudo seizures and was diagnosed with caregiver burn out. I was treated with pills and therapy when I admitted myself to the hospital for treatment. I was re-educated for a new job. I loved all 3 of my jobs.

I lost my license, so I walk or ride my bike everywhere. I am healthy, strong and capable. I have seen a chiropractor on a regular basis because of flare-ups in the cervical and lower back areas.

Now 2012, I am physically disabled from a simple fall on to my left hip and shoulder, leaving physical damage to the left hip area and creating more damage or stress on right side of the neck, shoulder, right arm, middle back, and most importantly head spasms.

I did a year of x-rays MRI and physio treatment. I returned to work on modified duties, but couldn't get back to my full potential. I still continue to see my chiropractor because she is the only one who sees and believes my muscle pain and gives me relief, along with her suggested acupuncture treatment. But the muscle spasms return in different locations. They seem to be chasing the areas that have been worked or stressed, then pay for it severely.

I am not a pill taker. I need to know what is wrong first, then deal with it. I like to understand everything that has been diagnosed. I think that helps in healing.

The damage to the left hip from fall is:

Meralgia paresthetica to lateral femoral cutaneous nerve of left thigh

Calcific rectus femoris tendonitis, laterally left hip

minimal calcification at tensor fascia lata, laterally of the left hip

Also found was a simple incidental perineural cyst between L1-L2 on the left side. I wasn't aware of this cyst until the MRI. I was told it is nothing to worry about.

The rest of the spine has normal changes for my age (50). Multi-level naturopathic and degenerative disc disease, mostly marked at C5-C6, with mild to moderate foramina narrowing. No significant canal stenosis. They even say the posterior disc osteophyte (spur) which indents the ventral aspect of the thecal sac and partially effaces the anterior CSF space is nothing to worry about. I think differently, they don't care, but I do take special care of that area. There is alot of problems around the C5-C6 area.

My point is I've just seen another pill pushing specialist, who says this is normal wear and tear, and I won't do any physical damage if I go back to work or other activities. He out right told me I do not have fibromyalgia or any muscle problems and that documenting my pain on charts is just keeping me focused on the pain.

My answer was, no, the pain moves around, comes and goes and I am still dealing with the damage to the left hip. It is suggested to document the pain to see progress.

I am so frustrated about all this. I can't walk straight, ride my bike, clean my eavestroughs, trim trees and garden work or move things. I had to get a smaller guitar and I can't travel far.

My life is now ruled by these muscle spasms in lower back, neck, shoulder blade, and the worse in the head and face. The doctors say, it is what it is.

The one thing I did get from the specialist is that he is thinking this is all in my head. He started inquiring about my non-epileptic seizures that started in 2000.

I have investigated fibromyalgia before and understand it, then I came across your site and the psychologically induced pain syndromes section.

Got me thinking this is the same thing as the seizures, so it is all in my head; like they have been making me feel.

I believe in mind over matter, I have recently got into meditation, chakra healing and tai chi to help keep me mentally grounded, along with my guitar and arts and crafts.

But this is bigger than my self-help treatments and I will commit myself again to get this problem accounted for. My work wants answers, which by the way is in a hospital, and I want answers too.

At first I got very upset or having another possible mental problem, or is it the same, just appearing a different way because I have the seizures in check? I don't know, but ready all the information you have supplied has made me feel a little better about myself.

I actually have thoughts about returning to my regular job, if I get this in check, or is it another mistaken belief in getting my life back to normal.

Just saying thanks for all the information that is available on your site.
– Debbie

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