Garlic for Neck Pain

I have been having rheumatic pains in the hands as a child and neck pain often till I started doing meditation based on self-realization in March 1999.

Till I started meditating, the best way which i used was to ask my wife or mother to make tamarind based South Indian rasam well cooked with mashed peeled cloves of at least one big pod of garlic. I would take rasam rice with a vegetable curry for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner. By the time I went to sleep on the first night of taking garlic based rasam, I would be able to lie on the bed without pain killers. Of course, there would be pain. In the morning, it would seem as though the pain is gone, but after getting up, I would feel the same again but with lesser severity than on the the first day.

Next day, I would take dals or pulses well cooked with cloves of another pod of garlic, a portion of it in the morning, day and night. In the night, it would seem that there is very little pain while lying on bed but the next day, I would still have some pain left.

After four to five days of my taking garlic based preparations by which time I would have consumed 200 to 300 grams of cooked garlic, I would feel complete relief. In another week, I would get completely relieved of any pain in my neck by consuming another 100 gms of cooked garlic from the fourth or fifth day.

The recurrence of neck pain especially during the rainy season and winter will come whenever I would consume no garlic for weeks especially as my mother/ wife do not like to prepare anything with garlic unless told because of their hate to its smell.

These days my wife prepares garlic-tomato-ginger-onion based chutney (which I use it as a side dish for eating south Indian dosas, pesarattu, adai, idlis, upma etc.) specially for my wheezing history which also takes care of recurrence of any neck or rheumatic pain. I think, that garlic, being a natural pain killer due to its heat inducing capacity does the work of allopathic pain killers very well and its regular intake can have a lasting effect on any pain unless cancerous. Doctors naturally avoid to suggest sufficient intake of garlic for patients having various pains fearing that otherwise, they will lose their roaring practice. - Viswanathan

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