General Back and Acute Buttock Pain

My story of the 1st effects of back pain started when i was in college in 1999. It has been 10 years now that me pain has remained constant, if not worse, despite all medications, tests, exercises.

I basically get 2 types of acute pain:

1. One that is in the upper middle portion of the spine. This feels like a needle is being poked into my spine and i get totally immobile. Only pain killers and muscle relaxants do the job. Then i am fine for a few days/weeks and then back again.

Even when I am fine, the minute i go to bed, i feel the pricking sensation in my spine in the same location. Once, i have woken up from bed, i need to sit on a chair, resting my back on a pillow, otherwise, if i stand and start walking immediately, i feel a terrible strain and pull on my spine, which is painful. After a while, i can move, walk and even jump.

2. The second type of pain, is even worse. It starts at the start of the buttocks, just where the back ends. It is like a pricking sensation when i walk. I cannot even take a step, as the shooting pain pricks the buttocks with every step. Even sleeping is painful, as the legs need a footrest all the time. It worsens if i lift the foot up from the ground, as if some nerve is being pulled or getting damaged. From the internet, i think it sounds like sciatica pain. - Deepak

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