Heavy Lifting at Work
Caused My Back Pain

Hello, I was a tree surgeon for many years. My initiation into this profession, which I love, included lifting huge rounds of wet wood onto the truck for disposal. I was 7 and half stone, 28 years old, and working with men double my weight, but eager to prove I was capable as they were. I adhered to their orders of lifting wood which was much too heavy for me, but was oblivious to the consequences.

The consequences were dire. I was seen by a highly recommended and esteemed osteopath, and on initial examination he was amazed that I was able to stand, let alone get to the practice on my own. During this lengthy and detailed consultation, he told me that I had ruptured a lumbar disc, and that it was very near complete rupture, also the ligaments supporting the sacroiliac joints were damaged too. All the general practitioner appointments resulted in bag loads of anti inflammatorys, painkillers, and "sorry, there is naught we can do"

Here I am 28 years later and still suffering with acute spasms. One day I will be collapsed to the left, and another, to the right. But today I am nearly 45 degrees bent forward, and in spasm again. I feel like I have been kicked severely and so sore. The disc in question is quite painful when palpated.

I am of strong resolve, but just lately the emotional effects are surfacing and I feel I cannot carry on. I recently had an x ray, and was told there was nothing obvious showing. I had a couple of weeks of being pain-free, as is often the case, but boxing day, I awoke to the state I am in now which has reduced me to tears. I went this evening to yet another doctor within the practice and she actually took pity on me and has agreed to arrange an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, to see if I qualify for minimal invasive surgery.

In short, my life has been severely compromised by this condition. My back is now my life. My consciousness forever coping and/or guarding against pain. The blame lies entirely with me. I was fully aware of lifting techniques and did adhere to them, but chose to lift weights far beyond my capacity, and now suffering the consequences. Don't do it!

Thank you for reading this and I hope and pray that you all find freedom from pain.

– Ginette

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