Horror of Back Pain

I started off with knee injury, landed up getting surgery months later after limping for so long. I must have thrown my back out. I have had so many kinds of treatments and have been on over 15 different medications.

Without medications, I suffer big time! I am not a big fan of pills and have never taken pills up till the time of injury and now depend on these painkillers for relief for my back. I am on the couch all day. When I run out my back is just throbbing.

Back injections did not help. They tried me on all these anti-depressants. I was like a mouse trying all these different things to prove they knew what I had wrong with me.

My MRI shows 8 bulging discs and something abutting the nerve root. I don't understand all this, I just know I'm in pain for 3 years now which started from a knee surgery. Never took pills in my life, now I depend on them so I can end some of the pain.

On top of that, I am a single dad of 2 very young girls... not fair on them to see how much pain their daddy is in. They are always saying "dad, I wish I could do something." I am still looking for a cure. - Frank

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