In Constant Pain

I am a dog groomer, which is also my passion, and then this happened. On Jan 9th, 2005 I had gone for dinner with my friend, came home and realized i had to get that days deposits into the night drop at the bank which is about a mile from my house. So I got everything together and got in the car- which was a loaner because my jeep was in the shop. So I'm headed to the bank, look down to dial my cell phone, got too close to the curb & over corrected, which spun me up on the curb and I hit the rocks which were what the golf course had placed over the tunnel that the golfers drive under the main road to get to the other side of the golf course. I hit the rocks head on which flipped me over so I landed on the roof and slid down into the tunnel. I'm in Missouri so its cold out. I don't remember anything past dialing my phone while driving.

I layed outside for 12 hours until I was found. Now when I tell you my injuries, they are not possible to live through but every word is true. I broke everything from my neck to pelvis (included) ruptured my spleen, punctured both lungs, and severed my diaphragm - which means there was no oxygen going to my brain for 12hrs. But, I went into hypothermia which is what saved my brain. When they first checked my temp. it was 67 degrees. The doc told me you don't come back from under 72 degrees. Apparently I also tried to climb to the top of the hill, they found my boot half way up, which how I didn't sever my spinal cord is a miracle in itself. I broke everything, every vertebrae, every rib was shattered or broken in multiple places.

My family was called in Texas and told I wouldn't be alive by the time they got here. That thought alone hurts me more that my pain. I was 37. What my family went though... So, I was on my back for 9 months to the day. We had moved a hospital bed into my living room and my sis (who has 2 kids) sent the kids to our folks & she was my constant nurse. I owned 2 German shepherds, who the female had her 1st litter next to my bed. I picked a female & sent her to school to be my service dog. I was not supposed to ever walk again, much less use my left side due to all the nerve damage I sustained.

5 years latter I'm walking, typing, writing (I'm left handed too) & living life again. I still have constant pain and can't bend over and I'm hating what no exercise has done to my stomach, but I am a true proof of divine intervention when its to be. We did build an apartment on to my house so there's always someone there when I need help, but due to my service dog I can live alone. So this year, Jan 5th at 9pm my home burned to the ground. we got out ok. I lost one puppy. But, this was God's way of supplying me with the $$ I needed to go to the school my dog went to so I can train dogs for others so they can still have a full life without having to ask someone repeatedly to do tasks for them. She picks everything up for me, she helps me with my balance, stair support, and she is my stool if I have to kneel down. Cant bend, so when i go down on a knee i still have to get back up, she is my helper.

So the moral of my story is (I know you've heard it before) there's a reason for everything. Laying in that hospital bed I saw no future, other than nurses, pain meds, and everything i wanted to do in life was gone. I know its hard while you are going through what looks like the end of life as you know it, but there is a reason for everything in our lives. I start dog training school in July. God has put the passion for me to give to others the assistance of training dogs to help them have a more normal life. The school understands my limitations & they will work with me around my disabilities. So my accident and my fire (years later) all had to happen to me to put me on the path I'm on. All prayers accepted. I'm in constant pain, but I think if Jesus endured carrying a cross and being nailed to it, I can endure my pain.
- Alice

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