Inspired to Become a Chiropractor

I was a young, strong, athletic college student when my world came crashing. I had a lifting injury that was about to change my life. I remember so clearly the morning after it happened. It took me 15 minutes to crawl out of bed. I had to get on the floor and slowly get myself in an upright position.

For the next four weeks, I was in such severe pain I felt like an invalid. Every time the pain hit me, it would knock the breath out of me, literally. My friends would freak out whenever the pain hit me because I would usually let out a groan and then try to catch my breath. I would have to be still for about fifteen seconds and let the pain pass and then I could breath normal and continue on.

I could no longer play tennis or ride my bike to school. I could not exercise for fear of the pain. It was really depressing to have to give up so many things I loved doing.

My mother kept suggesting I see a doctor but I refused and told her that all they would do is give me pills. I had worked in a hospital when I was in the Air Force and learned a lot about the medical system. In fact, I no longer wanted to go into medicine from what I learned there at the hospital.

I finally ended up in a chiropractor's office who took the time to explain exactly what my problem was and how he was going to fix it. It made a lot of sense to me and the best part was that the treatments were all natural... no drugs, no injections and no surgery.

After only three treatments my back was already feeling much better. After only a few more treatments I was able to go back to playing tennis, running, lifting weights and riding my bike to school.

I got my life back!!

These treatments were so amazing that during one of my sessions, I decided to become a Doctor of Chiropractic myself. That was in 1979. Today I have been practicing for nearly 20 years.

I have also developed a spinal adjusting technique and some exercises that are specific to get rid of disc herniations. I have also used Inversion Therapy (hanging upside down) for 19 years with great success on all types of neck and back problems. In fact, I wrote HANGING OUT FOR THE HEALTH OF IT and HANGING OUT PAIN FREE- 105 Natural Pain Relief Techniques. These will be available soon as e-books.

There are many causes of back pain. This website has great information but there is not one website that covers everything. Thank God for the internet! It makes information so much easier to acquire.


Dr. Carlos M. Gonzalez

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