It Can Happen to Anyone

I am a 43 year old married mom of two kids (grown and gone). In 2001, I slipped and fell on the ice and blew my L5 disc. Initially, it was treated with the DRS system. The physician I was seeing didn't monitor nurses attaching me to this machine, and after about 3 months of hell, one day something new happened pain wise, and I had enough. I had not initially been sent for an MRI in the first place, but it was discovered I have severe DJD, moderate spinal stenosis bilaterally, and arthritis.

I had surgery in 2003 after many procedures before that trying to prevent having it. My surgery was on the right side only, leaving my dilapidated left side to take all the shock. The physician I saw said it was to "give me more flexibility".

This has caused great pain ever since, and in 2005, I had another small surgery involving the extra tail bone I had. Long story short, six years since surgery and rehab, I am now on disability, cannot work, and am in severe pain on my left side every single day of the week. It is not in my head.

I am currently taking Oxycontin twice a day, along with muscle relaxers to help me sleep. Thank god I have a good doctor here that understands my situation. I would rather not have to take meds, but I cannot live with the pain. I would rather put a gun in my mouth and call it a day foreseeing the excruciating pain. Not everyone that has back pain is an "easy fix".

I've been put thru the ringer by doctors who think not maintaining a comfortable way of life with the meds is OK. I was told by my surgeon, and pain clinic doctor that there is nothing more they can do for me. Its as good as its going to get. Had I known this, I wouldn't have had surgery by this doctor. Fusing one side should be stopped. It throws your whole body out of whack. Believe me I know.

I try and work out (treadmill, back chair (for abdominals) but I cannot even do that most days. Vicious cycle. We who are legitimately in PAIN, should not be harassed or made to feel like there is something wrong in their head because for instance, failed surgeries have caused them to hurt 24/7. Be careful who you choose for your surgeon if you go that far....I should have. - Kara

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