Kratom for Back Pain

After an injury, I felt the pop, the pressure of fluids releasing. Yes it hurt, but nothing like the next morning when I could not even walk. There is not a word for describing the pain. Yes, being a veteran, and dealing with the VA hospitals, what I went through, I would not wish on anyone. The VA Hospitals/clinics let me suffer with pain, I do mean suffer. MRI verified the damage to my lower back, and it was a large fragmented disk, also with other signs of severe stenosis, other than the fragment.

It was pure agony, as I always had been active, and had a strong back. Just begging for pain relief, trying to get some pain meds, just wore me out mentally. The VA clinics always under treated me, or tried to prescribe cox2/nsaid which was contradicting to my ulcer, and cardiology problems. The VA Hospital even went as far as trying to hide my past cardiology reports/test/records to cover their butts at my health expense, even if it harmed me more. They are evil.

After going through the blockade, I decided to go on a hunt for a cure for this agony and pain. This was not an easy task!!! Yeah sure I could have made an appointment to a pain management clinic, but by this time the VA, had made me feel like I was just seeking drugs, but their past misdiagnoses even proved them wrong. I will not go into detail, but they got in serious trouble for misdiagnosing me in the past.

I purchased many herbs, I do mean many... Tried, tried, but no relief. I did not give up, and started researching kratom, purchased some, and no results. Nothing like I had read during my research. I tried many more different vendors, and finally came across a vendor that sold the real stuff, a liquid extract. Just 2-10 drops of this stuff a day was the cure. You do not need any pain meds with this stuff at all, and do not take any. It is not FDA approved.

Not only did it stop the pain, but it reversed the injuries, that was even turning into degenerative disk disease. The old injuries would never be like new, but it was a miracle. The latest MRI proved this, as there is now no signs of the fragment, no signs of stenosis. I am not at all stating to anyone to try kratom, and this is in no way any medical advice.

If you want to read on it, well do good research do not read the crap that drug-heads write, read the real research. There is a lot that is not understood about this stuff. It has tremendous antioxidant properties, over 25 different alkaloids, it is natural. In my research, it helps to lower blood pressure, that stress and pain causes. Just so much to read about.

- Veteran

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