Lifetime of Sciatica

I fell from the doorway of a transportable building in the 1980's. There was no step between the door and the ground. This was fine for tall people like my boss, but not for a short person like me.

I badly sprained my ankle and felt something click in my back which really hurt. After the boss picked me up, he drove me home in my car. The next morning after a very bad night, I found I couldn't even get out of bed. 

My lovely husband helped me up and helped me dress, then called the doctor. I had to go for X-rays and an EEG. It took about a week for the results to come back and I was told I had a herniated disc in my lower back.

I suffered from horrible back pain and sciatica for years before I decided that a laminectomy might be better than all this pain, but once again I was disappointed as the pain was still there and some days was so bad that I couldn't even get out of bed.

I went to a new specialist who said the only thing that will help you now is a stronger pain relief. I agreed, as by this time, about 6 years later, I couldn't function properly at all. So I started taking a morphine based drug called MS Contin. These helped a lot and I took them for about 10 years.

Then about 8 years ago, I blacked out while driving and hit a tree, This was how I fractured my C3 I was taken to hospital and put in a neck brace for months. I was one of the lucky ones that wasn't paralyzed by a C3 fracture, but my neck pain got really bad sometimes, as well as the sciatic pain and muscle cramping in my left leg. I am no longer taking MS Contin, but Panadol Forte 2 to 3 times daily instead. 

I am now in a self care unit and coping very nicely for myself. At the age 0f 73, I consider myself lucky to be alive and walking, even if the pain does get me down occasionally. I try to keep looking on the bright side and I am now planning a holiday in Costa Rica later this year. - Vivien

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