Long Years of Suffering

It all started when i was 15. I was being a silly girl and I was on my friends shoulders. I was trying to get down and he dropped me flat on my back, on the hard pavement. Ever since then, I have been suffering.

I have had numerous X-rays and I have went to massage, physio and chiro and nothing did it. Since I was so young, all the doctors I talked to told me I was too young to have those kinds of pains and told me go and exercise. I got really frustrated with that and I put it aside and just dealt with the pain for 7 years.

Now finally I am ready to find out what is wrong with me. I am 23 now. I have had an MRI. Nothing. Now I just have to go through everything I need to go through to find out what the cure is. Fingers crossed that I get the answers I so desperately want.

The pain gets worse and worse each day. I have 2 young children to care for. This has changed my life completely. It prevents me from doing alot. It has taken over my life, to the point where I can't do anything, because it hurts. I pull through it though. I have been living with this for so long that its a part of my life now, I guess. I get used to it, as much as you can. Its really tough though. I have my good days, but mostly I have bad days. I do my best to stay strong, but I fear I won't get out of bed some day. - Tina

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