Lordosis Neck Pain

Lordosis problems can make you cry till your death, even if you are 22 years old. About two years ago, I decided to do some exercises and I keep in shape. I took wrestling classes to do running, stretching, pressing up, somersaulting etc. In one of my somersault, I stuck my neck and abruptly felt a pack of needles inserted into my neck. I took a blind eye and tried to ignore what happened. I did NOT go to doctor for 3 months. Then, I went to an orthopedist.

"Oh boy, it's not a big deal. It's a matter of one week"

Nothing changed. The pain was still in the neck and between two shoulders. Next month, I went to the neurologist and he asked for an MRI which showed mild exaggerated lordosis. He prescribed laser therapy and back stroke swimming, but nothing happened for the next six months.

I decided to choose manipulation, which was anything but helpful. He suggested some crab exercises like neck tension, press up and a king of exercise where you lay on your belly try to pull yourself up for six seconds then release down... but nothing happened.

2 months ago, I opt for chiropractic for 15 sessions. Now I am mad at myself, why did I make such a jerk decision. It expand the pain to the upper back and now I've just had another MRI, surprisingly it was loss of lordosis.

Now my problem consists of back pain while sleeping and neck pain while walking. Thank you for listening to me. It shows you are thoughtful - Mohammad

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