Lower Back and Neck Pain

Hi, My name is Pamela. I'm 44 years old and living with chronic pain in my lower back, neck etc. I have left leg sciatica from my lower back spin and butt to my foot. It hurts the most at the the calf and shin like a huge tooth ache. I got hurt at work as a courier for 19 years. I weighted 125 lbs. I now weigh 153 lbs.

Chronic pain for 7 years now. I've tried botox in lower back, physio, 3 times different places and didn't work, pain management 2 times didn't work. You name it, I tried it and still in chronic pain.

I was told in 2006 my S1 disc was rotted out and needed a fusion. So in 2008 I had an operation, fusion, a discogram, showed it, the MRIs and CT scans didn't show this. So I had an operation. After having the operation, my left leg was fine but the last screw at the bottom right of the fusion went in crooked and the screw was hitting my right hip bone and nerve to my right leg. Now I have my right foot burning off and a numb shin. My legs from the waist down still ache and my whole body pains. I was told I have fibromyalgia.

Second operation to take out the screw and put a smaller one in, now my neck was spasmed and now I have a nerve that runs down my left arm and my arm hurts. I also had spasms at my bicep and neck still hurts. Its hard to hold my head up without pain, also I still have the same lower back and neck pain as before the operation. I can't stand, walk, or sit very long before I have to lay to subside the pain. If I go too long I'm laying in huge pain for days and the pain pills don't work. So I lay and cry softly because crying and talking loud hurts. In the past I was told in 2004 C3/4/5/6 are bulging also L4/L5/S1. What else can be done to fix the problem, not the symptoms! Pamela

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