Lower Back Fusion

Pray that God will direct and guide you to the right specialist for lower back fusion.
In April 2001, I had a spinal fusion of L4, L5 an S1 by a top named orthopedic surgeon in Melbourne, Florida. The fusion was done due to deteriorated disc's. I was having extremely excruciating lower back pain that totally interfered with any and all activities in my life.

Since I had the fusion from that date approximately 6 months later, I began to have pain in the right groin and back and down the inside and outside of my right leg. I went back to the orthopedic surgeon to be told after x-rays that everything looked very good. That the fusion was a success. They couldn't understand why I was having so much pain.

I went from this Dr. to a Pain management Dr. in Merritt Island, Fl. for pain meds, as well as injections in the L4, L5 and S1 areas on both sides of the spine. Finally the injections failed to work anymore and I consulted another orthopedic surgeon in March 2007. This Dr. ordered an MRI, as well as x-rays, and the results were shocking to me, as well as the Dr.

The results confirmed that the fusion had never fused itself, causing terrible pain. The new Dr. performed new spinal fusion on May 30, 2007 to find that L3 had been damaged from the first fusion. So, now L3, L4, L5 and S1 were fused with grafted bone from the pelvic area and 3 screws on each side.

The surgery lasted about 3 months when I started having the same pain in the groin, back and the inside and outside of my right leg. I went back to the pain management Dr. for more injections (epidurals) which failed to work for me.

I had several follow up appointments after surgery with this surgeon and I told him of the epidurals and that they did not help me. At each office visit x-rays were taken and from the x-rays the fusion had fused itself and it looked good.

I was back to see this ortho surgeon April 17, 2008, he took x-rays and told me that the x-rays showed that the screws (6) were loose and there was about an 1/8 inch gap. He told me that another surgery was necessary. He scheduled me for an MRI, CT Scan and a myelogram, as well as complete blood work.

Today is April 18, 2008 and I extremely upset and feel that I just didn't have the right Dr. to perform either surgery. I am now waiting for a consultation from Shands Hospital in Gainsville, Fl.

All of this I have written is why I titled this Pray for God to guide you to the right Dr. and he will if you have the faith in him. Responses would be appreciated. I wish that I had prayed for guidance the first go round. Live and learn the hard way sometimes.

Thanks for reading this and I hope that it will in some way help someone else.

- Opal

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