Lower Back Pain Writing This

I'm actually having this back pain story as I'm writing this. Firstly, I'd like to thank you for publishing this site. Thanks to your site, I found what I could call my sudden intense pain, acute back pain. I feel a little more relaxed and relieved after reading about it.

It started happening yesterday and wasn't as bad as this past night. I was somewhat surprised too because I am a 27 year old guy who keeps active and hasn't had any injuries and such. The worst of it is when I went out to my car, ever so slowly, so I could go to the store for some pain reliever. It was the longest walk to my car ever and I almost made it to the car too.

The pain became way too unbearable and unrelenting even when I leaned over something to take the strain off my back. I literally collapsed on the cold ground (didn't help that it was 20 degrees outside). I had no choice but to make my way back to my apartment, on hands and knees and even then it seemed unbearable. Painfully, I made it back to my apartment and began searching on the web for info on this sudden crippling feeling.

I just hope your right that acute back pain doesn't last long because I can't miss work. - Shane

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