Magnesium for Back Pain

My back pain was so bad I had to roll out of bed to my knees and then use the bed and my thighs to stand up. All movement was quite painful. It was muscular pain. Getting up from a chair or divan was very painful and it depended on how long I had been sitting. Once I was up and moving, I didn't have much of a problem.

That was 25 years ago at least. I'm now 85, and I have no back pain, ever. I have a wood stove and I like to saw and split firewood here in Oregon. I enjoy it, there is no pain doing it, and no pain afterwards because I found the cure: chelated magnesium with a little B6.

I have always been a big milk drinker. I think my calcium/magnesium ratio was not right.

A few days ago I developed a kidney stone. I took some remedies from "The Earth Clinic" on the internet, namely lemon juice and olive oil. But I added magnesium. I took the lemon/olive oil just twice but took chelated magnesium as before, a total of about 8 pills. In two days the stone disappeared somewhere. I never passed it. I guess it dissolved. There is no more pain.

Magnesium has worked well for me, but I'm sure it depends on the cause of your pain. It’s worth a try. - Loren

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