Marine with Back Pain

I suppose I never thought I could get back pain. As a infantryman in the Marines, having missing legs and arms was more of a concern. After a tour in Afghanistan however, I realized my back was really hurting, not just from 100 pounds of gear while on patrol.

After we came back to the states, I went to our basic aid station and saw a corpsman. He gave me motrin, with a few days rest. Then a call came out looking for Marines to deploy again, I trained for another deployment, putting my pain by the wayside. Every now and then I'd receive motrin if I complained. When our deployment was called off, I was sent back to my old unit.

A year had passed and I got the go ahead for a X-ray. The doc, at first thought it might have been a fracture, however, the results came back as facet sclerosis at multiple levels with degenerative changes. I was devastated. Being shot, or losing a leg is one thing, but to fall by the wayside because of that? Completely unmanly.

Current treatment, physical therapy, stretching, saunas, and regular check ups. However, basically I was told, sorry, you're screwed. Enjoy your disability check. Only one doc cared enough to get me an x-ray. I'll thank him forever for it. If the Marines taught me anything, this little thing called back pain won't hold me back. Ever. - Jared

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