Mid Back Pain Mattress Relief

Unlike many on here, I suffer from one of the more rare types of back pain - mid back pain. Unfortunately this area is also associated with the stomach, which means during acute back spasm, I also suffer from severe nausea. Torture is certainly a good word for this kind of suffering.

Twice in my life, in my 20s and early 30s, the pain became chronic and I can relate to everyone here who has been through unhelpful diagnoses, useless treatments, too many painkillers and utter hopelessness.

On the positive side, during the first bout of chronic pain I found almost immediate relief with acupuncture - I was back to normal after two treatments following a year of pain.

Unfortunately, while the chronic pain ended, I began to suffer from acute bouts of pain, which hit me intermittently for years. Acupuncture was unhelpful in these instances.

Until the other day, however, I hadn't suffered a back spasm in over 10 years. My 'miracle' cure was finding the right mattress! It is fairly firm - probably too much so for most people - but it has made a huge difference in my life.

One thing that sets off the pain for me is sleeping too long, sleeping on a mattress that is too hard or soft (makes traveling difficult sometimes), sleeping on the couch ... You get the picture. I have to be very careful when I'm sick that I don't spend too much time in bed. Unfortunately that's what happened last weekend and Monday night I found myself in the throes of a debilitating spasm/nausea.

I'm hopeful this will resolve itself in a few days and I'm off to get a massage this afternoon in hopes of relaxing my incredibly stiff muscles a bit. Fingers crossed.

Good luck to everyone here in finding your own 'mattress cure'. - Sherri

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