Military Neck and Straight Spine

I am looking for help at this moment. In order for me to get my story out, I have to dictate to my iPad because I can’t look down currently.  Ironically, I found this site when I was researching pillows for lordosis so I could try and get some relief at night since the days are very hard to get through. A lot of what I read it’s very similar to my experience with not healing, Having no explanation for why it works for most people but it isn’t working for me and I am at the point were I truly believe that it is the mind over the body and I immediately go into fear, as counterproductive as that is.

I had a chiropractor mention to me in my early 20s that I had a military neck. I was also diagnosed with lordosis in my neck and some kyphosis at C6-C7 many years later. Whenever I would have an x-ray in physical therapy, they would always say how straight my back was.

About three weeks ago, I started developing tension in my neck when I looked down. I have been doing a cleanse, so spending a lot of time in the kitchen with prep work for almost 2 weeks. This contributed to the onset. This then progressed to not being able to look down without a great deal of pain.

The muscles in my traps feel like they are ratcheting down the sides of my neck. It’s very difficult to function during the day and I am now wearing a neck brace trying to take some of the pressure off of the muscles supporting my neck. Definite triggers are trying to use my phone, keyboard or looking down in general. I did go to the doctor and they diagnosed a little bit of the lordosis progression. I don’t think I’d be surprised if there were any disc issues involved, but I have not had an MRI.

I’m taking a little Baclofan and Ibuprofen. Neither of which seem to help much. When I lay down I feel like my head is going to snap off, The location can vary depending on how much I can release my neck into the pillow and how comfortable I can become to fall asleep.

Sleep is another story, I have not been able to fall or stay asleep ever since the disc issue two years earlier without melatonin and Zzzzquil.

I have been under a chiropractor’s care for the last three months and I believe he was a very good chiropractor. In fact, I was out hiking about 4 miles a day after he told me to keep moving. Shortly afterwards, I started developing a tightness in my right hip and glute when I would bring my leg forward. That put a stop to the hikes I enjoyed so much. He had also wanted me to do some strengthening exercises, which I tried, but I felt actually contributed to the decline.

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with a bulging disc at L4-L5 and narrowing of the disc and sacrum. This triggered agonizing sciatica in the right leg only.

Up until this point, I had some issues with my muscles weakening while working out, which resulted in me reducing my workouts. I was walking every day doing Pilates at least 3 to 4 times a week and was considered the strongest and most flexible in my classes. I also loved working with weights, especially kettle bells, TRX, and regular cardiovascular exercises.

It took about eight months, four rounds of steroids, two epidurals before the pain was reduced enough that I could actually lay in bed. I was standing about 21 to 22 hours a day because when I lay down the pain would immediately shoot down my leg and I have to get up. I should mention that I also couldn’t sit. The nerves in my lower spine were ultra-sensitive.

For the next year or so, I didn’t have too much pain. Of course I stopped working out completely and only did walks if I was on a trip, which wasn’t very often. Then the occasional nerve pain would start to come back and that would set me into a panic.

I did order the e-books and will read them as I can, but reading is also a problem for my neck. I am noticing other effects in my body that are directly related to whatever is happening in my upper torso; I now have some nerve pain in my left leg and some twinges through mid back and my hips, specifically trochanter aches while I sleep and can ache for hours once I get up

I apologize if there’s spelling errors, but I’m trying to use my arms and neck as little as possible. - Cat

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