Modest Back Pain

I am very grateful for all the stories I have read so far. I never knew of this fraternity of back pain suffering and I am humbled and encouraged by their stories.

I have had lower back pain before caused by, I believe, sit-ups which I found out is not good for your back. I stopped immediately and started crunches, which I had done for 11 months with no ill effects whatever. I then increased them from 20 to now 200 per set, which is what undid me.

My discomfort consisted of not happy either sitting or standing. Lying flat on my back was the only position that was ok to me, but getting up from the bed was a different matter. I had trouble lowering myself on to the toilet or performing the last rites of a toilet session.

I was told by a good friend, who's also a doctor, to take ibruprofen which has helped a great deal. I think I am on the road to recovery, but felt very vulnerable when the discomfort was in full flow. My bout of discomfort has taught me a lot and to feel sympathy for people when they complain of back pain. - Leonard

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