Multiple Injuries from Industrial Accident

I was injured by a machine at work. I was being pulled in two different directions and heard my body being torn apart. My neck has straightened cervical lordosis. My trap was stretched like a rubber band. My neck to my middle back couldn't stretch any more; it ripped all my soft tissue and muscle connections from the middle spine to my upper neck then tore the meat from my head an ripped it from my skull .

The bundle of nerves that go to your brain and send signals to every part of your body was ripped away but intact, still just the outer layer of the bundle was torn. My shoulder was ripped from inside out the capsule surrounding the shoulder which connects the trap and shoulder and neck is gone. I have nerve damage and will have pain for the rest of my life.

I am now having other symptoms 10 years later. I am losing balance, gate is as if I am drunk and at times, I lose complete feeling in my legs and fall. I have broken the bones in my feet so many times and have ripped the under connection to my calf. I have nerve damage there too, but it is not ripped completely, just torn in the palm of the foot area. Surgery there is not very successful, the docs say, so I live with the pain there too.

I have been to so many docs from the job I had 12 years ago. The company denied their own doctors and kept sending me to docs for over 1 1/2 years. I had complete loyalty in my company to fix me and get me back to work. All of this that happened and I never got an mri, only xrays and cortisone shots.

Finally, my father told me to get a lawyer, but the statute of limitations on lawsuits in my state had ran out to do anything to get compensated for the injury. I am on disability due to the fact that I never got the MRI I needed to determine the extent of all my injuries and be fixed.

The docs said it would hurt me worse now to try and fix me because I had healed over in such a way that I would never be the same an get worse as time goes on. After knowing all this now, I know my company knew I was messed up. I did too, but thought they would fix me.

Well, I went on my own to get the MRI. I had to do some not telling the whole story to get it, due to it being related to work injury. As soon as I got the MRI my father paid for copies. Then, I went back to the doc that ordered them and he found out it was from the company injury at work and was very mad. He told me I couldn't have any copies or any records from him, but we had already got the copies of the mri.

I took the copies to my lawyer. They had a specialist look at them and discovered all I have told you. I have vision problems now. I will all of a sudden see double. I pass out. I lose control of all my muscles, fall, shake like I am having withdrawal.

I am allergic to opioids, antibiotics, aspirin, nsaids, latex an many of the smart pills they have out now that they use secondary to epilepsy. So I live in pain. It is horrible.

I had lower back fusion a year and a half ago and both hips replaced. I need more back surgery and am going to pain management tomorrow. I am going to tell him this cause I never told any of my docs about the straightening of the lordosis. There is so much going on with me that they think I may have MS and are testing me on the 27th of this month, but the symptoms of MS started when I fell on my bottom in the shower and landed on my fusion, then fell forward, hit my head, went backwards and hit my middle back on the shower seat and whiplashed my neck against the shower seat.

I am sure that the neck part is my culprit in all of my problems now after reading this. Wow, thank you and I am so happy to know I am not crazy.

One thing they can’t say is that I am a drug seeker. My pain is so bad. When I go to doctors, I ask what can the do or give me to help me due to my allergies and there isn’t much they can do, so they sent me to this pain management doctor. I haven’t been assessed by the doc yet. I just got done with all the tests and function tests and will see him Friday. I don’t know what they can do for me but pray for me that I will get some relief from this doctor.

I have so much going on and I need prayer. All I can do is pray an ask for help. I know I wrote a book but it does feel good to put it out there in case anyone else is going through this and is allergic to pain meds. I can’t take morphine either, I am allergic to it too. I found out in surgery and I almost died. Then I lost blood and had 2 blood transfusions from the left hip surgery.

I feel for anyone going through chronic pain. There are doctors here being arrested for writing prescriptions for cancer patients and chronic pain patients with legitimate ailments. The board of medical examiners in every state should take note of this and have to live one minute in the pain I live in. They treat you as if you are a drug addict or criminal when you are hurt. Isn’t that why you go to your doctor, to get help? Quit arresting the doctors that are helping people like me and you. They went to medical school and are capable of knowing when someone is really hurt or not.

This is just so inhuman to make people have to suffer like these doctors do, since they are too scared to help from repercussions from the board of medical examiners in their state. I thought in 2006 they passed a law saying that if someone in pain came in, you were obligated to treat that pain and had no limitations on the treatment of your choice. - J

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