My Miracle

I went through a heart bypass in 2004 and afterwards experienced excruciating mid-back pain. I tried various things including monthly chiropractic treatments and weekly massages. I told my physician about it repeatedly but they simply attributed it to my surgery and didn't pursue anything further.

In the meantime, I was spending a ton of money on alternative treatments. I spent each night on the heating pad and my husband would rub pain gel that I got from the chiropractor on my back every night before going to bed.

This back pain consumed my entire life and I didn't feel like doing anything. I read Dr. John Sarno's book and I understood the theory behind this, but it wasn't until I came upon that it really became evident to me that this was my problem.

I started thinking about psychological things instead of my back pain and the pain slowly went away. I still occasionally get the back pain, but all I have to do is think psychological and it goes away again. I only regret the time lost in pain.

This method is certainly worth the time spent going inside yourself and dealing with psychological issues instead of physical issues.

Thank you for getting this information out. It saved my life. - Mary Lou

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