Nanna and Her Pain Pills

My nanna just takes whatever kind of pills she can find, mostly pain pills. My mom did not say what kind of pills, because they were really bad. I begged my mom to tell me, but she was so upset because that was her mom. My nanna's sister told her I am now scared. My mom said her heart can POP and she can die from it and my nanna drinks and never stops. Lots of alcohol and beer.

I do not know what i should do? Shut her out of my life cause that is dangerous and she did not tell anybody not even my pow pow and she is always home alone except when my popa gets home at 5 pm and and leaves at 6 am. Should I be worried or should i spend as much time as possible with her? She was my best friend! Not now.

So, if you are a nanna and you are reading this then you should know what your granddaughter would feel like. Either you tell them or hurry and stop taking them if you are like my nanna! Do not do it for them. The only reason I go out to her house is because my popa lives with her!

I wish I could do something about it. Don't let this addiction problem get to your loved ones heart, like it has mine! - Sierra

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