New Years Eve

My name is Jamie and I am only 20 years old. I used to work at Barton Memorial Hospital in the Orthopedic Unit and sometimes in Med/Surg. I do not work there anymore, due to my back and here is my story.

It was New years Eve right after lunch, everything was calm until I had a patient that fell on the floor. We have employees who we refer to as transporters, they would take patients to the laboratory or get their x-rays done. Upstairs we have guidelines we go by to know the differences about who is able to walk and who isn't (ex. confused, unsteady, unstable). It is vital for the transporter to know that as well.

Well, New years eve at 3:00pm was when it happened. It turned out this transporter was new. He wasn't supposed to get patients up and should have at least asked. I was in the pantry, which was not too far from the patients room. I heard something fall, was not quite sure of what it was but I ran out to find out what was going on. I saw that man sitting on the floor as well as his IV. I wasn't quite thinking about anything, but to get that patient off of the floor which I regret not pulling the staff emergency.

This patient was confused and could hardly walk, but at the same time he was a pretty big man. I tried to lift him the way that we were taught, but that did not go to well. About 15 minutes later, I felt a sharp pain on my back that had seemed to radiate up and down. Then, I stood up and sadly my legs would not let me.

The next day, New Years Eve, as if I hadn't had enough beatings. I had an 81 year old patient who could not walk, due to her legs being swollen. Therefore, I had to carry her from her bed to the bed side commode. That made my back terribly worse.

Until this day, I have been seeing my doctor and going through physical therapy, but it doesn't seem to make anything better. Ever since I've gotten my MRI done and got the results, as well as treatment nothing has changed nor improved. I got a disc protrusion which is affecting my L5-S1.

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