No Quality of Life from Knee Surgery

10 yrs. ago, I had total bilateral knee replacements due to injury and after a year of conservative treatment and 2 doctor recommendations. Needless to say, I was not a success story.

Anyway, approximately 7 months after knee replacements, back pain started and has never stopped. It started with periodic bouts that usually lasted 4-5 days but rest, heat & cold helped.

Over the years, it has increased in intensity and duration. I have had physical therapy, aquatic therapy, cortisone injections and epidurals x 2. Nothing has helped for any length of time.

For the pass year, I have been in constant pain sitting, standing and do not mention walking (out of question). I have had x-ray's, CT scans, EMG's & MRI's which show sciatica, bulging and slipped disc's L4/L5 & sciatica all due to inability to bend knees.

I have also been on a list of pain meds, which haze over, but not stop the pain. Dr.'s (spine specialists) 2 say there is nothing to be done. Last x-ray's & MRI were 2007. Last exam was 1 month ago with spine doctor.

So, here I am. Before my better quality of life surgery, I was a nurse working at an H.M.O. Now I'm a depressed, disgusted and hurting young-at-heart 67yr. old greatgrand mom who can't play with her babies.

Thank you for listening. - Alice

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