Normast Trial for Syringomyelia

Dogs and human have syringomyelia in common. Severe central neuropathic pain. Suffering is great.

In the Netherlands we conducted an open pilot trial and included 12 Cavalier king Charles spaniels, all with MRI-scan positive syringomyelia and all suffering from behavioral abnormalities and objective signs related to syringomyelia and neuropathic pain. Syringomyelia, linked to Arnold Chiari malformation, is serious condition in which fluid-filled cavities develop within the spinal cord near the brain. It is also known as "neck scratcher's disease", because one of its common signs is scratching in the air near the neck. Our dogs showed symptoms like these as well as other known behavioral abnormalities, such as scratching behavior and scoliosis or lordosis, yelping, sitting with eyes closed, immobility, walking as on egg shells, difficulty swallowing, tongue out of mouth, as well as symptoms of Primary Secretory Otitis Media (PSOM) as well as signs of conjuctivitis (excessive lacrimation).

All dogs were weaned off their analgesic medication before entering the trial. During 2 months Normast was given in a dose of around 30 mg/kg BW. So most dogs received 150 mg twice daily.

Normast in Cavalier Spaniels: A Successful Pilot Trial

A composite scale scored by the dog owners was used, based on whether symptoms were the same, improved a bit or improved a lot. One item was general impression, the other items were linked to behavioral abnormalities, such as:

cheery/ lively (same, better, much better)

headache (eyes closed) (same, better, much better)

lacrimation (same, less, much less)

chewing and swallowing,

scratching, licking, rubbing (same, less, much less)

moving around (same, better, much better)

Normast for Syringomyelia Results:

After 2 months of Normast use in 12 Cavalier spaniels, the results were impressive. Of the 12 dogs, one could clearly see improvement within 8 days, and in 5 dogs the improvement was even quicker, after 3-4 days. Within 4 weeks all dogs showed improvements.

General impression: in 4 dogs better and in 8 dogs much better.

cheery/ lively: same 0, better: 5 much better: 7

headache (eyes closed): same 0, better: 5, much better: 7

lacrimation: same: 3, less: 3 much less: 6

chewing and swallowing, same: 3, less: 3 much less: 5 (1 not scored)

scratching, licking, rubbing: same: 2, less: 5 much less: 5

moving around: same: 2, better: 2 much better: 7 (1 not scored)

Qualitative Statements of Owners

One owner states she can pat the dog again, and the dog played again with younger dogs.

Some owner stated that the dog's skull was less hot. One owner of a dog suffering from chronic ear inflammation (PSOM) could touch the dogs head and ears again. In one dog the owner stated that the lordosis vanished, one other dog showed affective behavior and touching was again possible, etc, etc.

All dog owners noticed impressive positive changes in behavior after treatment with Normast.

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