Rather Not Live with this Back Pain

Hello, thanks for listening. My name is Danny and I have been living in agony for about 13 years now. I am currently 31 and my pain keeps getting worse. It's so painful now that I can think, sleep or function. My hair's falling out and I can't enjoy life. The pain really can't be describe because it's just so complicated. It's everything from dull, burning, sharp, numb, and everything you can think of.

My pain is due to an injury from a snowboarding fall. I did a jump wrong and fell from about 15 feet onto my right elbow, shoulder, and back while facing upward. Ever since then, it just keeps getting worse. It doesn't even stay the same, it just gets worse.

At the time I was a strong athletic boy and didn't break anything so I just let it heal on its own. After a month from the incident I felt better, but a small pain started in my upper thoracic vertebrae.

I've gone to 4 orthopaedic surgeons, 12 chiropractors, physical therapists, a doctor of osteopathy, neurologist, rheumatologist, 4 regular doctors, pain management doctors, 10 acupuncturists. And probably more throughout these 13 years. I've done every test imaginable: bone scan, ct scan, x-ray, mri.

They can't find anything. I've done my own research and can't find anything.

I don't know what else to do except wish my life was already over. What's the point of living when you're always in pain and can't enjoy anything?

Well, that's my story.

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