Recovering from Low Back Injury

Hi all. My name is Paul, age 48. My condition started when I got a job as a road worker for a water company using heavy pneumatic equipment and manual work, digging up roads, paths etc.

In 1992, while using the jack hammer, a serious injury occurred while lifting this tool, mostly to my groin area. I saw my GP and he told me that my disc has slipped, and informed to change my job. Well I had 6 weeks off and returned to normal duties. After that injury I kept suffering the same symptoms and worse, affecting my low back area. My company retired me on medical grounds in 1996 for this on going problems. I just could not continue.

During these years of suffering, I have seen many specialists in the UK and had several scans, Pills, pain management etc. But never offered surgery.

I now live in Spain. Here I have had 2 operations, of one I paid privately and the other under the health system available to me being a pensioner at age 48. Triple level spinal fusion and disc replacement. Also I admitted myself to Rehab for both Opiate use (dicanol) and the alcohol.

I'm still using (tramadol,voltarol,valium,venlafaxine) but not the class A. I feel for all who suffer chronic back pain but I leave no stone unturned in a quest to be pain free.

If you feel disheartened and feel like giving up don't. Live in hope. You never know what science is yet to achieve. Best wishes - Paul

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