Religious Back Pain

Hello Sensei Adam. As the spiritual leader of a fundamentalist church, I am always available to my flock, much in the same way you have made yourself available to all of us suffering with chronic back pain. I have followed your site for several years now and have enjoyed you book, so this letter begins with a thank you. I did overcome my own pain as well, using the techniques outlined in your book. Looking back at it now, I can not believe that I let so many emotional issues hide inside and cause all the many years of back pain I endured. It is wonderful to be done with it all now.

Having found such an innovative approach to beating pain, I wondered just how many of my congregation also suffered with back pain. I knew of several and quickly spread the word about using knowledge based techniques to beat the pain. Although not everyone tried it or succeeded, many did try and many did succeed. I took this as a sign and began to wonder just how many people suffered emotional issues which were linked to their religious beliefs. I knew many of my congregation struggled with their lives, especially with the desire to be good Christians. I begin to realize just how much conflict this must produce inside in the minds and hearts of many of my flock.

I began to offer discussion sessions in which congregants could discuss some of their issues openly and nonjudgmentally with each other and me. I used many of the same recommendations you provided to help people who are suffering with not only back pain, but many chronic pain problems. Although these new discussions have only been going on for about 3 months, I know they have already helped at least 30 church members and others are joining the group every week.

I hope to be able to write to you again with more success stories and wish to thank you from myself and all of us who you have helped. I am doing what I know, taking something positive and sharing it with those I love. I know you feel the same, as your passion for helping patients is inspirational. God bless. Pastor Thomas Shaw

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