Restless with Back Pain

My name is James. I'm 36 years old and suffered a bilateral herniation of my L-5/S-1 in 2009 while working. I slipped and fell on a slick surface and it changed my life in a dramatic way.

My physician prescribed Skelaxin (didn't work), then Darvocet (didn't work) then Percocet (didn't work). He also tried Vioxx then Celebrex. The Elivil seemed to work somewhat for the nerve pain. I went to physical therapy and that didn't work.

I went to a Neurosurgeon after the medical doctor couldn't get anywhere with me. I had another go with physical therapy, this time in the pool. Had a microdiscectomy and more pain meds.

After my recovery from the surgery I still had a band of pain across my back. I couldn't sleep at night and ended up in the recliner watching t.v. and prayed that I would eventually relax and sleep.

I ended up in pain management and yet another round of physical therapy. Now my meds were Vicodin, Lexapro, Ambien and Celebrex. Finally the answer and solution came!!! My physician as a last resort said he wanted to try a new type of TENS called GSM Plus. I was able to come off all my meds in about 3 or 4 weeks and I started sleeping!!! I wasn't frustrated with those around me anymore and I started to smile and laugh more. I was dumbfounded as to why it took nearly a year for the solution to come. I love this stimulator, it feels like a massage and it has many program options. I feel great today and still use the unit when I have a flare up or if I'm on my feet for a long time. The representative from the company was very sweet and worked with me for nearly an hour to make sure I knew how to use it. She was my personal angel and I'm forever grateful. Hopefully I will be able to venture out and go hiking in the foothills again... it won't be long! - James

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