Scoliosis from a Back Pack

I was 11 years old when I started 6th grade. I was excited to go because I was starting a new program. I had been in advanced programs since starting school. I was now going to be bused to junior high. Because my neighborhood was not the best, the kids did not take to kindly to me going to a school outside of the zone. I was hit with rocks. I tried to be hip and carry the backpack on one side to look hip but they still threw rocks. I had to carry all the books home every night. Picture an underweight young girl with four to five subjects of books going home daily. I ended up changing my route to a longer one just to be free of those kids. Within months, I was told that I was leaning. I tried to walk differently and down play my issues so I would not burden my grandmother. She was raising me and I knew she did not have the money to deal with it.

In a year's time, I was having my first surgery. I was told by the doctor that it was the worst case they had seen. It was traumatic to have the surgery, wear a brace, and have to deal with everyone treating you like a lame puppy. I lived a life of ups and downs afterward. There was pain, issues standing for long periods of time, and breathing problems, but I tried to live normally. I found myself trying to hide the hump caused by my scapula. I was not told that there would be any long term issues. I was not told that I was not to have children.

I became pregnant and had my child. I soon had worse problems. Long story short, I had my second and third surgeries in 2007. The surgeon did not do what he promised he could (out of fear) and I ended up with more problems than I had prior. I was just in the ER on August 16th due to breathing issues. My pulmonary doctor says my lung function is decreasing. The restriction that my scoliosis has caused is going to make my lungs worthless in time. I do not sleep more than four hours a day and the sleep is not consecutive. I am miserable.

Pain medicine does not work in dealing with the pain and it makes me sick to my stomach. My child does not understand why I can not do simple things. I was told by Social Security that even though I am barely functioning, I am not disabled enough. I was fresh out of surgery and denied by them. It was insane. My life has been turned upside down because if this. I know that my case is not typical. Because there are not a large group of people to compare my case to, my issues are down played. That is irritating. Scoliosis is serious.

I monitor my child. I check the heaviness of her backpack daily. If it becomes to heavy, she will use a rolling backpack. Hopefully I will not have anymore set backs. As I said, I am having breathing issues. I am now being told I need to have thoracic surgery to improve my breathing. Every issue stems from one place, my back. It's the worst thing that has happened to me. Nothing extra or dramatic, just the truth. My child would vouch for it because she has watched me struggle. - MJ

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