Severe Thoracic Spasms

I am now 60 years old. At the time of my first experience with mid thoracic spasms, I was about 55 years old. I was previously a very active person, having served as a PT instructor in the army for 22 years and owned a number of gyms.

I got out of bed one morning and was hit by a very severe spasm in my thoracic mid back area. I went into mild shock and began sweating. I didn’t dare move an inch, for every time I did, I was hit again. I slowly began to do small but calculated movements and eventually was able to move robot-like around the house. I found that once I was warmed up, I was able to move almost normally.

My doctor sent me for a battery of tests including x-rays, scans and ultrasounds, which all came up negative. In the meantime, I was unable to sleep lying flat, but had to build a ramp out of pillows so I could sleep. If I slept normally, the pressure would produce even more severe spasms. I began to go through the normal line of treatments including various physio treatments, massage, chiropractic treatments, even the various acupuncture treatments, all having little long-term effect.

To my amazement, the symptoms, after nearly 12 months, disappeared as quickly as they came. I had no explanation. I was able to train in the gym properly; however there was always a nagging feeling in that area.

Today at 60, the symptoms have returned with a vengeance. I was preparing to restart some treatments, when I was hit with a kidney stone attack whilst my back was already spasming. I collapsed to the floor in agonizing pain, in the gym, vomiting on the floor. I was rushed to hospital and treated for the kidney stones with morphine and other pain killers, but the back spasms remain. I am about to start another series of treatments, but I feel they will be of little use, sadly. – Danny

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