Spinal Stenosis from a Herniated Disc

Hi, I promise I will make this as short as possible but it will still be long. I need opinions from spinal stenosis/ and disc problem sufferers. I am a 45 year old male and I have completed one sprint triathlon last summer. I have 3 sprints planned for this summer. I am getting more into triathlons because I love to challenge myself and it motivates me to stay off of the couch.

This is my problem: I just got diagnosed with a herniated disc at C5-C6 and I am in some pain but not agony. My chiropractor has been my doctor and adviser with this issue and has helped me tremendously. He is a competitive bicycle racer so he 'gets it'.

I am meeting with a Neurosurgeon probably next week. I am looking past this problem since I am hoping that an epidural injection will shrink the herniation and get me 'healthy' again and allow me to start training. I will only start working out when I am medically able and the training will cause no further problems with the herniated disc. Surgery is possible but I am assuming that will not be necessary. My problem is longer term than this particular acute problem.

I am sure others on this site have Spinal stenosis issues and are still competing and training. What 'special' precautions do I take if any? I am willing to do anything to prolong my training and competing but I know my problems will reoccur due to my stenosis and arthritic condition. I know no magic wand or pill exists. I am just looking for some guidance from someone who has had experience with this issue and have found ways to be active in spite of this condition.

My chiropractor clearly said that stopping training, after my acute condition is 'fixed', is the wrong thing to do. Staying "active" is the proper course of action but I need to know that Triathlon training can be done and not make my condition worse and maybe make a recurrence less inevitable. Any help, opinions, doctor recommendations, website recommendations; direction; exercises or opinions will be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long thread, but remaining a 'triathlete' is very important to me.

- Jeff

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