Stanley's Lower Back Pain Story

I was diagnosed with a herniated disc in my lower back 2 years ago. I am an active guy in my 60’s and never really had any chronic pain until this problem. I did not do anything to hurt my back, I simply felt pain come on slowly and worsen day by day.

I tried a variety of conservative treatments such as physical therapy, exercise, dietary supplements and chiropractic to no avail. I met with a few surgeons but decided that the pain was not bad enough to warrant surgery. After reading this site, I was not thrilled with my prospects for a good recovery after surgery anyway.

I wrote to Sensei Rostocki several times and was advised to begin knowledge therapy. I felt that this treatment did help me, but it did not completely resolve my pain. My biggest problem was that I could not put the thought of that herniated disc out of my head. It prevented me from getting past the physical condition 100%.

Sensei advised me to try spinal decompression, so I found a DRX9000 facility near me in Seattle. I took 30 treatments over several weeks and found that I felt pretty good. I continued to use the knowledge therapy techniques to overcome the rest of my pain once I got the confirmation that my herniated disc had shrunk back down following decompression. Now, I found the techniques far more effective, since I was no longer obsessed with the physical condition and could finally concentrate on the psychological.

I have been pain free now for many months, but wanted to share my story with you. Sometimes, a combination of physical and psychological treatment might just be the best medicine for certain patients, like me. Thanks for all your help Sensei, writing my story was the least I could do to repay you. - Stanley

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