Still No Diagnosis

My story started in October 2008. My main worry was lower back pain, as this was my mum's last main symptom before she died of ovarian cancer. I went to my GP and was sent for tests gynecologically, blood tests for enzymes  in all my organs.  They all came back fine.

I was sent for physio for 9 months, which did not make a lot of difference. In April of 2009 went back to my GP and he said he was stumped, what would I like him to do? I said an x ray would be nice and he said he would refer me to a spinal specialist and duly went to see him and was advised it may be my sacroiliac joint that was causing the problems.

My main pain was lower back, problems getting in and out of the car and out of bed, very stiff in the morning and almost impossible to put on pants and socks with out pain. I also had groin pain. In September, I was given an injection into my right sacroiliac joint and the pain in the lower back had gone and the groin pain.

Three weeks later the groin pain returned. This had been going for a long time and was waiting for another appointment to see my specialist.

I went horse riding in June of last year and my right leg and ankle kept 'collapsing' in the stirrup and I could not ride the horse properly. I have ridden all my life from a very young age and felt very worried that my ankle appeared to be very weak. This was on the Friday, and by the Sunday, I awoke with really bad cramp. By the evening I could not feel my foot to operate the pedals in the work vehicle.

I got one of my colleagues to call for an ambulance, as I was in excruciating pain. They refused to come and was sent to out of hours at the local hospital who the first time said not really sure and gave me pain killers and diazapam. Two hours later I was rushed back again and advised possibly cramp and prescribed painkillers, diazapam and quinine.

The next day, I went to my GP and she advised me to go back to the hospital with possible fracture or compartment syndrome.  Hospital straight away said query DVT and I had bloods taken and given a blood thinner in my stomach.

I went back the next day for a doplar ultrasound and nothing showed up.  Since then, I have had a numb leg and pins and needles and have a lot of pain from my leg, which move around. Specialist thinks it may be a totally different thing to what is happening in my groin but might be connected possibly to the sciatic nerve.

I have had more injections in my hips in January and an MRI which apparently has showed nothing sinister. I am now waiting to go back to the specialist, but my appointment keeps getting put back due to my specialist being the forces in Afghanistan and the hospital is a military hospital. I have a feeling they are now stalling, as they think I am making it up and am getting very frustrated.

So that is my story. I still have no diagnosis, groin pain, on painkillers, unable to get in and out of my car without pain, putting on underwear, a permanently numb and fizzy leg, ankle and foot. - Sally

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