Stress-Related Lower Back Pain

I am a 42 year old male. My pain started about 8 years ago. I was working a lot during the time as a 12 hour shift worker, rotating days and nights. I had just recently broken up with a girlfriend, who had 3 kids that I really liked. I had just bought a large house and planed to move on with my life, meet another and start my own family.

I believe emotional stress from the breakup and long hours with little sleep started to get to me and I began to feel lots of stress in my mid back as well as my lower back. My sleep pattern was soon interrupted, as well as my social life.

I felt like I understood what was going on so I contacted a social worker in order to better understand my condition. I started seeing a family counselor in order to unravel this mess.

It seems as if new emotional stress can uncover old emotional injuries. And the old emotional scars come from being raised in an alcoholic, dysfunctional family. I was in talk therapy for a couple of months, found a little relief, but ultimately feel all alone in this pursuit for lasting happiness.

Now eight years later, I feel like a life without pain is an impossibility. - Patrick

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