Struck Down

I was struck down in my prime physical condition! Though I have had bouts with my back throughout my life, when I began working out like a maniac, four years ago, I thought I was cured. No more back pain, biceps... It was great!

About November of 2007, I was working out 6 hours a week Aand salsa dancing 10-15 hours a week. I looked great and felt better.

Then boom, lower back pain, so excruciating that I cut back on dancing and the gym, way back. If I couldn't sleep, I couldn't get up early for the gym or stay up late dancing, not to mention the interference of the pain.

Not being a doctor person, I just continued to try to work through it with exercise, vitamins etc. After six months, I gave in and saw a sports med Dr, because he is known to be anti-surgery.

We tried physical therapy and spinal adjustments combined with Celebrex and Flector patches. No improvement. I gave in and had the MRI which showed what appears to be the typical L3/L4 and L5/S1 disk issues.

I am still taking Celebrex, resisting Lyrica, and hanging on an inversion table three times a day. Not much improvement. I will soon begin acupuncture.

Psychosomatic? I don't know. I am definitely under a lot of stress and positively unhappy about the entire situation.  - Stacey

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