Successful Disc Replacement

I was always a thrill seeker, in my early teens, right up until my mid twenties. I was always looking to push boundaries. One of my hobbies included racing quads.

One day I had a bad crash and damaged a couple of vertebrae. I slowly recovered, but not to the point of no pain. I could always pushed through my injuries in the past and I tried to do the same this time around. I even had one more race about a month after my injury, but the pain was too much.

I slowly spent more and more time on the couch, it just hurt too much to do things. And being a twenty-something male who had an addiction in his past, well nobody believed me. I went from one doctor to another, pain clinic to neurologist etc.

I finally got referred to a surgeon who agreed to see me based on the information that was sent to him. It seemed that the disc herniation at my L5-S1 level was bad enough to warrant surgery. He went through a couple of options, fusion or disc replacement, and upon hearing about not losing any mobility if the disc replacement was a success, I chose that as the best option for me.

I had the surgery Friday AM and was home Monday PM. I lived on my own with a dog and we had to function by ourselves. We began going for walks the day I came home. At first, the walks were no more then a couple of hundred feet but then in no time began to stretch out.

The first thing I said when I woke up from surgery was, "My legs don't hurt anymore". Now I am not saying that life is without its struggles anymore, but it is way better. I have competed in 5 different 10 km running races and have finished in the top 30 in each. Not setting any world records but enough success to feel good about getting the surgery.

I am not on any opiates to cope with back pain, I do take Gabapentin to help with the sensations in my legs but I am much healthier because of the disc replacement. I am getting married this fall, and I am loving life that I thought was lost to me forever. - Christian

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