Surgery Did Not Cure Leg Pain

I am an early retiree and I am 66 years old and live in a small, but highly touristic town in Ontario, Canada. There is lots of theatre in the spring/summer/fall season and wonderful movies in the winter. Great restaurants, internationally recognized music concerts and lectures for days, very good wineries. What more could one want?

What I want is to get rid of this box of pain in my lower back which inhibits a fair amount of mobility and just sits there, even as I sit there reading or writing. The only truly comfortable place is bed. Not the way to live these days.

About 12 years ago, I was in a tap-dancing class and one of the exercises was to move in a circle tapping all the way and I discovered my left foot would not respond in the same way as my right. That was the beginning. Over the next year and half, it just developed into left leg pain.

I finally was introduced to a neurosurgeon, had MRIs and was told I needed surgery. The surgery happened in October, 2000. The leg condition improved, but over the years, the scar tissue from the operation has overtaken my lower back and often penetrates down my left leg and now, I am suffering from some neuropathy in both my legs. Furthermore, I need a leg brace in order to make my left foot "push off" when I walk and I often use a stick to help me balance.

Over-the-counter pain relievers have little or no effect and my gut is allergic to prescription medicines for pain based on codeine or opioids.

I have heard about an implant device that will control pain, much like a pace-maker keeps a heart beating at a regular rate. If anyone out there knows anything about this device, I would be grateful to hear from you. I'm hoping it could turn my life around so that I can get out there and keep enjoying it. - Lawrence

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