Three Years of Pain Cured

This is a success story. My life is one of hard work, adventure and sports. Over the years, I have put my back out, experienced lower pain and still do a little to this day due to sporting interest. To make a long story short, I put my back out due to playing beach volleyball one year at age of 35. I quickly visited an osteopath for some treatment, but still continued weights at the gym and trekking. I cycled a lot also. The pain never went away. 

Symptoms were located deep in the buttocks and in the lower back. My job was desk-bound. Being seated for many hours for work did not help. I ended up in pain most of the time and the treatments became a money pit. After 2.5 years, I noticed my right knee would click when walking. The heel was scuffing and I was not standing up straight also. This was very depressing.  I even thought my life was over.  

However, I found a road to success. I changed my osteopath for the second time. The new doctor struggled to do one manipulation as my hips were locked up. His approach was honest. He sent me off for an MRI. The scan confirmed narrowed lower disks and a bulge between L4 and L5. I was put on a program of core stabilization to strengthen my back muscles. No more manipulations. 

The next part was key for my cure. In 2008, I took time off work for a sabbatical to work on my bucket list. I cycled France, chased the famous Tour de France bike race and cycled Europe for 6 weeks. I believed my back would either hold up or I would be on a plane in one week headed back home. What happened next cured my back from almost three years of daily major pain. By cycling daily, my back pain simply left. After four weeks, it was mostly gone and has never returned in a permanent manner. 

Yes, I do put my back out from time to time, but I take time off and the back heals as it should. Being seated on a bike peddling, my legs rotate in a symmetrical manner. Each hip rotates in an equal length manner. Swaying left and right off the seat to climb a hill is also symmetric. The spine is moving all day symmetrically. The result? Everything aligns back into the correct position. Core stability strengthens. The back straightens out and the disks move into better positions. The key for me has been constant zero impact movement and not being seated all day at a desk, which is super bad for a back. Also, exercises also get the blood circulating better, which helps a damaged back to heal. There is some medical studies which confirm that an arched back seated position on a bike saddle is good also. 

I have put my back out a few times now, working at my desk job. The key is to minimize stress and reduce super long hours spent behind a desk. Life is great now. Before, I thought life was over for me. I hope this all this makes sense and helps others.

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